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God can speak to us in many different forms of ways –

1. Still Small Voice: This is a very common one yet useful, where you can have conversations with God. We could say God speaking to you in your thoughts. When we listen to God’s voice it is also important to quieten our thoughts, clean our hearts, throw off our made-up minds and preconceived ideas and listen to His voice.

2. Impressions: This is also a common way God often speak to most people. Sometimes God may bring impression in your heart to do something, it could be anything, either to give words of encouragement, to show kindness, prophetic acts, or other things.

3. Wisdom and Revelations: God may give us wisdom and revelations in how we should be doing things, how we should plan, how we should be making decisions. This is one way God can speak to us.

4. Dreams: We find many places in the Bible where God speak to people, for example – when Jesus was born, Joseph the father of Jesus was given directions in dreams. God can speak to us many different things in dreams.

5. Prophetic Acts: This is an inspired act, God can speak to us through inspired acts, especially when we need to see them by visualizing, and can be powerful.

6. Scriptures: God can speak to us through scripture, the Holy Spirit can highlight a scripture to encourage us, build our faith, direct us or teach us. But scriptures are not to be taken as a raw, because the Devil too can use them, even the religious spirit can use them. It must be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

7. Tongues: God can speak to us through tongues and it’s interpretation. The interpretations can come to our thoughts as we speak in tongues.

8. Angels: We find countless in the Bible where God speak to people through Angels, in dreams, felt in our spirit, or with our physical eyes. We can also ask God what are the names of the angels that we saw or encounter.

9. Circumstances: It is also important to know that not every circumstances comes from God, not everything happens in God’s will, some circumstances could also be of the Devil.

10. Creations: God can speak to us through creations, if you look at the skies and the creations, they are revealing the Glory of God, God can speak to us anything through creations.

– David Chawngthu


First of all, if you are God’s sheep, you need to hear from God, if you have not practiced hearing from God, you need to learn hearing from God. Because Jesus said in (John 10:27)

“My sheep hear’s my voice, I know them, and they follow me”

The first time you respond to the voice of the Lord is when you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord, when you receive the love of Christ in your heart, when you were first born again, and that’s by faith you believe.

It is important that we learn to hear God’s voice and we learn to obey them. Many times hearing God’s voice will provide the abilities we will not be able to do by our own.

It was in 2006, around the month of August, we were in Hyderabad, India, far away place from home. My wife and I only got around 6000 Indian rupees, a little bit more than 6000 rupees. I was having my quiet time, time with the Lord alone, it was a morning time, the Lord spoke to me to give 6000 rupees to one of our friend from South India, and that money was all we’ve got. I told my wife, and then we decided to give the money to our friend, we knock at his room door, and gave him that same day. HE WAS AMAZED TO SEE THE MONEY COMING AT HIS HAND, because he was in a real need for finances, that whole night he was praying and asking God for finances, at the same time God spoke to me in that same morning to give him all that we’ve got 6000 Indian rupees.

A few days later, my wife and I didn’t even have any single rupees, not even 1 rupees. But it is a joy to have those type of testimonies where you seems to have a prove that God spoke to you clearly, and that itself is a blessing.

– David Chawngthu

Sometimes, but may not be always, but sometimes, it seems that some people only knows how to receive the words when it’s written, “Apostle” or “Prophet”, then they took it into consideration, and then meditate on them. There might be nothing wrong with it either, because Apostles and Prophets are the Highest rank in the Kingdom of God, even though they might have no title or positions, and therefore people put their attentions to it, and put their words into consideration.

And even if people don’t know they are Apostle or Prophet, they still got divine influence that attract the attention of others and people, either through their works or deeds, faith, divine wisdom and revelations, leadership, and something that are divine and significant, and therefore the words used by the Apostles and Prophets are important because they have divine influence, and because people put it into consideration.

– David Chawngthu

It is possible for us to hear God easily and have friendship and conversations with God.

It was 1st November 2017, almost 3pm, I was waiting on the Lord to hear from Him, I heard Him easily other days and just start writing them down as I opened my hearing God’s voice journal book. But that moment I want to hear something more, as I remember someone’s preaching that he would go to the secret place and nearby trees and would wait even till midnight to hear from God, which I heard him from internet, and must be YouTube. Actually, I believe he is much better than me in hearing God, because I have seen him must be on YouTube that he heard words of knowledge easily in public and people would be healed, and more. He probably heard easily from God, though he was known as an Apostle and probably not a Prophet, he don’t seemed to be a Prophet as long as I have heard Him. Anyway, he must probably heard very well.

And however, it is also important to know that prophesying, and getting words of knowledge are also different from hearing God’s voice, and even though wisdom greatly carried favour as we find in proverb, and is also the result of relationship with God, it is still different from hearing God’s voice, friendship with God, and conversations with God. Even though all these could be part of hearing God’s voice, it is also possible to have a great and deep word of knowledge in public but have a not so good personal hearing God’s voice, friendship with God and conversations with God.

Whatsoever, as I have heard him preaching in one of his video, he would spend till the middle of the night to hear from God, and that’s true and I believe I have experienced those kind of things in my journey with God several times to hear from God.

And on this day 1st Nov 2017, as I wait on the Lord in the afternoon to hear from God, I remember my experiences as well as his preaching that he would even spend till midnight to hear from God, so unlike other days I tried to wait on God for a long time and hear something unusual as I have experienced and heard him preach, I must have shut up even what God spoke to me in that moment in order to hear from God more clearly and to just make more sure it’s God who spoke to me in all other days.

And it’s the Devil’s job to make us doubt that it’s not God who spoke to us when God speak to us, he is a liar, and that’s his job.

But then as I tried to wait on God for a longer moment and hear His voice more clearly I felt the Lord spoke to me clearly, “You do not need to wait that long to hear from me, you just can open up your book and start writing”, so as I heard I did it and easily start to wrote all the things God spoke to me at that moment.


And here’s the point, it is possible that we do not need to wait on God for a long time for God to speak to us, we can just start hearing or start writing them down as He speak to us in our heart and our thoughts, though it is important to recheck them with an open heart. But it is also important to know that it is possible that we can easily hear from God.

– David Chawngthu

How to know who you are?

Posted: November 25, 2017 in Other Teachings

1. Passion: What’s your passion? Your passion will usually tells you who you are, but sometimes it is also important to check our passion why? ” Why I like this”. The gifts we have are not always who we are or called to do, but our passion could be.

2. Hearing God’s voice: Sometimes we might not even know that we are passionate on something, or we have not known who we are in God, but God can tell us many of the things of who we are as we have relationships with Him.

3. Revelations: What type of revelations you naturally usually received without any striving for it? That could be part of the prove of who you are and what you are suppose to do.

4. The Anointing and the Angels that are with you will usually determine who you are.

It is important to know who we are, because we are to serve God out of who we are. The revelations you received most will usually determine who you are, how you are to serve God.

– David Chawngthu

– Knowing our Identities in Christ will help us hear God’s voice better, and continually hearing God’s voice will build our Identities in Christ.

Knowing who we are in Christ will help us approach God more closely, with confident, and faith to hear His voice. “You are a precious and valuable child of God”.

– Having a clean heart will help you hear God’s voice better, and will protect us from hearing the voices of demons, it is important that we make sure our heart is clean before God when we listen to Him. God must have probably desire to have a closer relationship with people of pure heart that are after Him, because Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God”. The ability to hear God and have conversations with Him itself is a blessings (Matt 5:8).

– David Chawngthu

As a believers of Christ, we all will face days of warfare and days of battle, and just because we believe in God and because we are children of God. Especially if you’re serving God in any form of ways, you will face all kinds of battles and warfare. It could be sicknesses, it could be the devil’s trying to take your life, it could be the devil’s attacking your teams, community, or attacking your church, it could be the devil’s attacking your words, finances, or your family, there can be many different types of warfare.

For example, when we are sick in physical, it also effects our emotions, minds, and soul, which can in turn effects our spirit and mindsets. Therefore it might also be bit blunt to hear God clearly, or the devil might be taking his deceiving schemes that the sicknesses comes from God, blaming God that God gives you sicknesses and making you feel self justified or spiritual. Therefore, we need to know the truths clearly that we are not deceived by the lies of the devil.

These times of warfare are the times we need to be careful about our words, our thinking, and about our hearing God, and recheck our hearing God, because in times of warfare whether its sicknesses, financial problems, church problems, community or teams, Satan work to blind our Spiritual eyes and deaf our Spiritual ears, and these could be the times our hearing God gets blunt, and many times our own desire and opinions may come big in our thoughts.

There can be many different types of warfare. Sometimes we may just need to relax from our works and take some rest, and other times we may need to defend the truths of the Kingdom, and God may want us to defend the truths of the Kingdom, however many times we may need to be quiet, recheck our words, and spend time with God.

In times of warfare and battles, most of the times we will just need to spend time with God, clear our thoughts and made up minds, rest in Him, check our hearts, and spend time with Him, listening to Him and having conversations with Him, to sharpen our hearing God’s voice and our wisdom.

However, even after that, it is still important to be careful with our words, remove distractions, made up minds, and recheck our hearing God, and many times it will be important to be quiet regarding the matters in the days of warfare, unless we are defending the important truths of the Kingdom.


Your Kingdom come, your will be done, as in heaven so on earth.


– David Chawngthu