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1. All through the ages, from birth to teens and young people, they all need respect, unconditional love and continual affection.

2. One of the most need in teenagers are unconditional love and acceptance.

3. Teenage years is a modern age.

4. A person is a person no matter how small, whether 1yr old, 5yrs old, 15yrs old, 20yrs old. Teenagers too are people, just with a different mindsets, new generations, new methods, new hair styles, new fashion, and modern age.

5. Teenagers need more freedom than younger kids, they are not to be controlled like younger children.

6. Family members, fathers, mothers, guardians, and others are not to be frightened by strange new behaviors of teenagers.

7. They don’t need to be lectured in everything.

8. They need freedom to share whatever they feel, and whatever they faced, and what’s happening, without being judged.

9. When they don’t receive enough attention, not a spectacular or judgemental, but a loving attention, they can be motivated to do wrong things to get attentions, especially from parents and guardians.

10. Because of not respecting them, not enough affections and love, too much controlling and legalistic, being lectured in everything, not being understood in their modern age, not enough attentions, they could get rebellion even in their adulthood. They needed to be trust, and believe in them.

11. It is important to remember that we do not scold children, teenagers and young people with bad words or harsh voice, it will stir up anger in them, which can lead to anger problem, rebellion and sin.

The word of God says,

“A harsh voice stirs up anger” (Pro 15:1)
“In your anger do not sin.” (Ephe 4:26)

Anger is one of the way that can lead to rebellion and sin, they need to be respected and with gentleness.

12. Calling them with bad nick names can spoil their emotional health and potentials God placed in them while we do not know, and while they themselves do not know, and can spoil their confidence and self image. They need to be respected.

13. We need to remember that we do not shame them in public, in communities or before others. That can destroy their potentials, strength, their abilities and who they are. While we thought and they themselves thought that there’s no bad side effects, it destroys their emotional health from the hidden part.

14. It is the age we can teach them about sex education, for it is the age they started getting attracted with their opposite sex.

15. We are not suppose to direct the future destiny of teenagers and young people. Even if they don’t know yet what they want to do in the future “It’s alright, it’s Ok”.

God has a plan and a purpose for them, we need to trust and believe that God will lead them in their own personal destiny.

– David Chawngthu
– KNet



Teacher’s Career vs Calling

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Teachers

People with career as a “Teacher in School” work to make their own living, while people who are called as a “Teacher in School” are compelled by love, kindness, compassion, patient, care, understanding, concernment, and to serve them, for the Lord put a great Love for Children in their heart.

People with career choose their job or works, while people with calling live their God given purposes.

You will find countless of people around the world who are called among children, to serve the children, they not only work for salaries, income, and money, many of them will not even get salary, and many of them will even leave their comfort zones to serve these children in need. They will even leave their comfort zones, homes, cultural foods, sacrifice their things and many more, just to help children emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and even materially, compelled by love.

And that is one of the true characteristic and nature of a teacher called to children, they are compelled by Love to serve them.

If you are called among children you will know, God will put a passion, compassion, a heart, understanding, and a love for Children.

We may not be called to the children:

Just as all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are called to have the heart for the lost souls, not just the evangelists, we may not be called to the children yet working with children, we may be working only for salary or our income in schools, but we all can learn to have this Father heart of God for children, and all are called to have the Father heart of God both in homes and schools, especially in schools.

The measurement of our experiences in the Father Heart of God will most times reveal the way we value children, young people, and others.

Some examples of people called to Children:

There’s a person that I know in India, she was from America, she left all her comfort zones to serve the Children in India, and in a little remote place.

One more example we can give is Heidi Baker, one of her calling is among Children, she is a Missionary in Mozambique at present. When Children died, she will hug them with love and compassion, the dead children would come back to life, the dead would be raised again.


Those are some of the characteristics of those who are called among children, they usually are sacrificial to the needs of children, and got great compassion and love for them.

The Father Heart of God is the key to take care of Children and young people.

– David Chawngthu
– KNet

Teachers in Schools

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Teachers

Teachers in Schools:

(We felt an urge that some people want us to write about “Teachers in School”, so we are excited to write about “Teachers in School”.)

“Do you Love the Children?”, that’s the most important question to ask for those working as a teacher to children.
People who are called as a teacher to the children are people of “Love, compassion, care, and understanding”.
Many people often quote – “The Father discipline whom ever He love”, but we do not realize that the Lord’s discipline are not abusive, are not harsh, they are not to shame us, they are with compassion, love, kindness, respect, patient and understanding. They are out of the Father heart of God, neither are they out of uncontrollable anger.

The word of God also said, “It’s the kindness of God that lead people to repentance”.

We always need to know that children and young people are younger, and we can bring damages in their whole life, their potentials, strengths and confidence, bringing anger and shame in their life, and can even bring many damages in their emotions and even their whole life. Even just a nick name calling can bring damages in one’s potential for their future while we do not know and do not recognize, and while we got no concern.
Even when we make a mistake to them, it is important that we go to them in person and gently ask forgiveness to them again, that will bring healing as well as respect, for respect is one of the greatest emotional needs of children and young people.

Called to Children and young people:

The word of God said,
Pro 15:1 – “A harsh voice stirs up anger”
Ephe 4:26 – “In your anger do not sin”

We can quaranteed that teachers or anyone who are divinely called by God among children will all love these verses –

Col 3:21 – Fathers (mother’s, guardians, teachers, elders), do not anger your children, or they will become discouraged.

It also says in Ephe 6:4 – “Fathers (mother’s, guardians, teachers, elders), do not exasperate (make anger, frustrate) your children, rather bring them up in the training and instructions that comes from the Lord.”

People who are called to children hate abusing children, either in words or actions, or often scolded with harsh words, they hate abusing and shaming children in public, rather they are friends to children. They hate when these little one’s are mistreated, it’s a Godly hatred, the Father heart of God.

– David Chawngthu
– KNet


Who is a Teacher?

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Teachers

6 Characteristics and Natures of teachers:

1. Patient in teachings
2. Kindness
3. Not easily anger to students or audience
4. Able to dig in details
5. Good and clear communications,
6. Giving instructions in an understandable way.

3 Types of Teachers:

1. 5 Fold Teacher (Ephe 4:11-13) : First of all, there are people who are called to be in the 5 fold Ministry teacher. They also will usually have revelatory gift, and they have the ability to dig the word of God in details and communicate clearly. This is more than a gift, it’s who they are, who they were created to be.

2. Gift of Teaching (Rom 12:7): Second, there are people who have the motivational gift of teaching. They are motivated to teach. Whether they are believers of Christ or non believers, they have that gift and talent. They might be working in schools, in music school if they also got music talent, in training centers, or other institutions, or they just might be having that gift of teaching but work other things, since this is a gift not a calling.

3. Anyone can learn to teach and anyone can teach, whether they have the teaching ability or not. If anyone teaches anything we simply call them teacher.

Just as there are (1.) Prophets, and then (2.) People with the gift of prophecy, and then (3.) Everyone who believe in Jesus Christ can prophesy by faith with the spirit of prophecy.

– David Chawngthu
– KNet