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Prophetic word

It was 1st Sept 2015 (Tuesday Evening 4:30-5:30pm IST)

This is what the Lord is saying,

“If we restore the Apostles, the land will be taken, it will be taken for the Kingdom of God in every areas.

I want to restore the Apostles in your land, in every lands and countries, and I want to take the whole world for my Kingdom, in every areas and ways”.

This is what the Sovereign Lord is saying,

“I have seen much mistreatments, persecutions, abuses, and I have seen much of my loved one’s (lost souls) marching toward the gates of hell, and I want to destroy every gates of hell on this earth and build my Kingdom on this earth in every areas and ways.

And I want to restore my Apostles all over the world for this purposes.

I want to restore my Apostles, my Kingdom is not of this world, therefore I want to bring my Kingdom on this earth”.

And then I said to the Lord, “O Lord, restore, restore, restore your Apostles, May your Kingdom come, May your will be done, as in heaven so on earth”.

And then the Lord said later, “This is the season of the Apostolic, and this is the times of the Apostolic, the Apostles and the Apostolic need to be restored”.

And then I said, “May it be restored O Lord, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, as in heaven so on earth”.

– David Chawngthu


A Prophetic Word from the Lord for Kingdom Internet Ministry, given on the morning of 29th May, 2014. What God will be doing through this Kingdom Internet Ministry.


This internet Ministry will reach nations, it will reach to the ends of the earth, many will find peace. Many will find “The Keys of the Kingdom” through this Kingdom Internet Ministry, where they will trampled (crush) on the enemy. People in Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and all over the earth people will find peace, the will find the Keys of the Kingdom, where they will trampled (crush) on the enemy (the Devil and the powers of hell) who tortured them, they will trampled (Crush) on the enemy in their struggles, in their problems and in their different situations.

The enemy (the Devil) will be trampled all over places, many will receive freedom, many will receive the “Keys of the Kingdom” (which are great part of the Authority to trampled on the works of Satan and the powers of Hell, Every Authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus Christ).

God has given us different revelations, teachings, Foundational revelations and teachings. At the same time, God is also highlighting the Keys of the Kingdom, so that the people of God may have peace, may be blessed, receive freedom, and may have victory over the works of the powers of Hell.

Therefore, dear friends, whoever you may be, and whoever read our blog and posts on facebook, pages and other places on internet, put your eyes on those keys of the Kingdom we gave out, you can take those Keys of the Kingdom for yourself and for your surroundings, and use them to trampled upon the Enemy (to crush the powers of Hell). God Bless You.

Besides all the Foundational teachings and revelations, Receive those Keys of the Kingdom and use them. To God be the Glory

His servant,
Jesus Christ is Lord,
David Chawngthu (Apostle)

This Generation and the Coming generations:

If the religious spirit of this present days, of the churches/ the Body of Christ especially in the Northeast India are neglected and we love more of the traditionalism and the status qua, especially in judging one another in our dresses and outward appearances, then there will be many youths, numbers of youths leaving the church, which means ‘no more attending the church services or neglecting church services’, ‘youths who does not enjoy being apart of the church and the body of Christ anymore’, ‘youths who does not love the church, does not love to attend services, or be apart of the church’ will be there and increase in numbers, as it is already happening to numbers of youths in present day, today. This is especially for the Northeast Indian Churches and the Body of Christ in the Northeast India, i believe that it will happen. So we also need the Apostolic and the Prophetic being restored, received and being accepted into the church and the Body of Christ as well, even for this purpose, not just for that purpose and reason, there could be many reasons for the restorations, but also for this purpose, and also the 5 fold ministries. Especially in the Northeast India, if religious spirits and traditionalism is not concerned, and judgmental and more concern of the outward appearances are focused much, numbers of youths will leave little by little in the coming years.
But, if we hate religious spirits and do not mind to change things as needed, judging one another by outward appearances, then more youths will have more desire to attend services in different places. And that is how I see especially many of the Northeast India churches and the Body of Christ, it may also be concerned to numbers of places in the nations, but especially the Northeast India.

And i believe it is what “God is concerned about in today’s churches, especially in the Northeast Churches and the Body of Christ in the Northeast India, and in some different nations of the earth.

David Chawngthu
Time of writing: Feb, 2012, 2nd, 2:05am in the morning!!

You have all the rights to discern them in your spirit man and test every prophecy, but do not despise prophecy, that’s another God’s words from the Bible again!! Blessings..

Do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good. (1 Thes 5:20-21)

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. (1 Cor 20:1)