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How our Internet Ministry at K.A.M get started:

It was in the year 2008, i was lying in bed, then God spoke to me, i believe it was a vision and a prophecy.

I see a picture of a map in my mind, that it goes from the NE India to the nations. And I felt in my heart something like this the Lord saying to me, “You will have an internet ministry, that will reach from the Northeast India to the nations”, I told my wife Jenny at that moment, as well as our uncle Note-a (Ex Director of Discipleship Training School, Pune, India).

In those days, we only use internet for emails and once a while, we don’t know social media and those stuffs, we only knew how to use emails.

Then in 2010, we were still working in Siliguri “YWAM” (Youth with a Mission), may be it was around the month of May, i gave (sms) messages through mobile phone to numbers of people, especially people in Aizawl, sending messages about God and His Kingdom. Then one of our youth leader in Bazar Corp, Salvation Army, Aizawl, she told me about Social Media, facebook and so on. One of the first thing that came to my thought was, “That will be good to reach the nations”. Then, internet ministry just got started. And in YWAM no one got salary, instead we paid staff fees. And at that time, I’ve already got laptop, but we didn’t connect to the internet. We used mobile phone to connect to the net, so our Internet Ministry get started with mobile phone internet.

And at that time we have forgotten everything the Lord had spoken to us back in 2008, and in 2011 we only remember back what the Lord had spoken to us. God is amazing!

I never ask God for this ministry, We never ask. But today, amazingly, Since Sept 2011, our blog has got over 7,000 views from around the world. And since Feb 2012, it was visited from over 100 nations/ countries around the world.

– David Chawngthu